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Trumpet Long Sleeve Round Neck Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeBustShoulderLengthSleevesM1074313859L112451406..

RM 73.00 RM 59.00

Long Sleeve Solid Color Muslimah Robe

Measurement: SizeBustShoulderLengthSleevesM1074313659L112451406..

RM 86.00 RM 69.00

Long Sleeve Neck Tie Satin Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthShoulderBustWaistSleevesM13638929657L139..

RM 86.00 RM 69.00

Long Sleeve Embroidered Raglan Maxi Wear

Measurement: SizeShoulder SleeveLengthBustWaistL6010796112XL601..

RM 95.00 RM 76.00

Long Sleeve Embellished Pearls Satin Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthShoulder SleevesBustWaistM1416610088L143..

RM 95.00 RM 76.00

Long Sleeve Button Up Satin Maxi Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesShoulderBustWaistM13655378884L137..

RM 95.00 RM 76.00

Embellished Pearls Long Sleeve Muslimah Robe

Measurement: SizeBustShoulderLengthSleevesM1044013659L108411376..

RM 79.00 RM 64.00

Printed Batik Bat Sleeve Modest Wear

Measurement: LengthBustShoulder Sleeve146156166 ..

RM 115.00 RM 92.00

Long Sleeve Modest Robe With Belt

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesBustM13859107L14060112XL14261117 ..

RM 92.00 RM 74.00

Long Sleeve Lace Polka Dot Robe With Belt

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesBustM13659107L14060112XL1456111..

RM 104.00 RM 84.00

Long Sleeve Lace Modest Robe

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesShoulderBustM1385942108L139604311..

RM 79.00 RM 64.00

Long Sleeve Lace Maxi Robe

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesBustM13859107L14060112XL14261117 ..

RM 79.00 RM 64.00

Layered Long Sleeve Embroidered Maxi Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesShoulderBustWaistM13656399288L137..

RM 89.00 RM 72.00

Embroidered Trumpet Sleeve Maxi Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesShoulderBustWaistM13757399488L138..

RM 83.00 RM 67.00

Embroidered Floral Long Sleeve Chiffon Wear

Measurement: SizeShoulder SleeveLengthBustWaistL6010796112XL601..

RM 95.00 RM 76.00

Embroidered Bell Sleeve Maxi Modest Wear

Measurement: SizeLengthSleevesShoulderBustWaistM13857399490L139..

RM 86.00 RM 69.00

Elbow Sleeve Batik Maxi Modest Wear

Measurement: LengthBustShoulder Sleeve14016686 ..

RM 115.00 RM 92.00

Long Sleeve Bell Cuffs Ruffled Modest Dress

Measurements:M: Length138 Sleeve60 Shoulder38 Bust94 Waist86 Hips104 Hem156      &nbs..

RM 89.00 RM 72.00

Rainbo Stripe Long Sleeve Modest Wear

Measurements:M: Length141 Sleeve57 Shoulder39 Bust94 Waist100 Hips106 Hem190 L: Length143 Sleev..

RM 83.00 RM 67.00

Lace Embroidered Long Sleeve Modest Wear

Measurements:M: Length141 Sleeve58 Shoulder38 Bust100 Waist92 Hips112 Hem158      &nb..

RM 88.00 RM 71.00

Embroidered Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Measurements:M: Length140 Sleeve59 Shoulder40 Bust102 Waist94 Hips112 Hem166      &nb..

RM 105.00 RM 84.00

Lace Embellished Top Modest Dress

Measurements:M: Length143 Sleeve59 Shoulder38 Bust100 Waist90 Hips104 Hem180      &nb..

RM 115.00 RM 92.00

Layered Long Sleeve Solid Color Modest Dress

Measurements:M:   Length140cm Bust94cm Shoulder36cm Sleeve59cmL:   Length142cm B..

RM 89.00 RM 72.00

Floral Long Sleeve Maxi Modest Dress

Measurements:M: Length142 Sleeve58 Shoulder40 Bust96 Waist84 Hips112        &nbs..

RM 96.00 RM 77.00

Floral Long Sleeve Muslimah Maxi Dress

asurements:M: Length138 Sleeve59 Shoulder37 Bust96 Waist80 Hips100 Hem158       ..

RM 87.00 RM 70.00

Embellished Zip Sleeves Long Sleeve Modest Wear

Measurements:M:  Length 138  Sleeve 59  Shoulder 38  Bust 102  Waist 84 Hip..

RM 82.00 RM 66.00

Embroidery Long Sleeve Maxi Modest Wear

Measurements:M: Length 140  Sleeve 57  Shoulder 37  Bust 96  Waist 80 Hips100L: ..

RM 86.00 RM 69.00